How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Saree

Aksaya fashionWedding is a very special event in the life of a girl. In India wedding is celebrated with lot of vigor and preparations. To make this day special, no stone should be left unturned. The very first thing to consider regarding the wedding arrangements is the attire of the bride. The bride must look perfect on this special day of her life. There are plenty of dress options starting from Salwaar kameez, Ghagra Choli, Lehenga Choli to Sarees. There might be a variety of options to choose from, but the most preferred wedding dress for an Indian woman is definitely saree.

The look and appearance that a saree bestows to its wearer is very graceful and elegant in nature. Nothing can be as decent as a saree and yet it is a gorgeous and trendy outfit. However, one must select the perfect saree that can enhance her beauty and appeal.

To choose a perfect wedding saree various points are to be considered. Selecting the right color is very essential. While selecting color the skin tone and complexion of the wearer must be considered.

Wedding Sarees for various complexions:

The most common and beautiful skin tone of an Indian bride is generally theAksaya Fashion dusky tone. The dusky skin tone of a bride gives her plenty of options to wear from. A bright and blazing color is perfect for a glowing dusky skin. Colors like orange, royal blue should be wise picks. Light golden and dual colors like green and maroon are also favorable. For a skin, wheatish in tone, shades like sky blue, white or pink are ideal. On the other hand, a light or fair colored skin tones gives plenty of colors to choose from. Vibrant and light colors as well as dark colors can be the ideal choice for fair toned skins. Colors like peach, butter yellow, creamy are few best options to choose from. Very high makeup can spoil the appearance of a bright toned skin.

Wedding Sarees for various built:

A tall woman always looks beautiful in all kinds of dresses. A kanjeevaram saree is perfect wedding dress for a tall woman. However, excessive tallness sometimes distracts the attention of people from the attire. A gorgeous saree with rich embroidery work over the pallu can be very attractive and eye catching for those women. Kanjeevaram are also perfect for short height provided the borders are thin enough to complement the height of the wearer.

For healthier women, light weight wedding sarees made of chiffon, georgette, and crepe are ideal. When draped in an appropriate way, it makes you look thinner. Dark hues with thin borders are good for them. The one with slimmer figure has a lot of options. They can wear sarees of heavy designs such as tussar, brocade, or silk.


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